HourStack offers flexible reporting on entries with a variety of filtering and grouping methods to shape the data how you like to produce helpful insights or export data for payroll, client billing or further processing.

Date range

You can select a dynamic date range such as "This month" or "Last month" or opt for a custom date range and use the date picker to select the specific dates you'd like to run the report on.

Date ranges are limited to two years max.

Filtering entries

To narrow your report down, you can filter entries based on a number of criteria available from the entries, including:

Grouping entries

By default, all entries that the report is comprised of will be shown in the table below the chart. You can also select to group the entries and view summary data of those entries within the table and then you can expand each group to see the individual entries it is comprised of. Grouping options are shown as tabs above the table, and include:

Grouping entries can be very helpful for understanding time utilization. For example, if you filter the report to a specific client, and then group the entries by project, you'll be able to see the total time scheduled and logged for the client as well as the time scheduled and logged for each project that the client has.