Each event changes in small ways, but these are the broad strokes with which we paint the run of show for every type of event we host! This document is useful for the production team, but it should not be shared with attendees because then they'll just attend a small part of the event instead of the whole day, and miss out on all the delights and surprises of our conference! :P

Show Walk-Throughs

Flagship Event Run Of Show

Salon Conversation Event Run Of Show

Online Event Run Of Show

Production Info

You can visit TEDxCOS.org/Production to access the production guide PDF the camera team uses for lighting & sound.

Filming your TEDx Talk at home

Here is the camera playbook, which is quite fun if you're going to be a camera operator for TEDx:

And here's the new 2020 remote production guide:

Remote Production Guide

TEDx also provides overview of production for both photos and videos made at the event. Here is the overview of all video production content: