When making decisions at this company (and you will make many), use these rules of the road to help guide you:

  1. Default to action. Nothing exists until it's live. We love big new ideas, but they can't help us until they're real. Make things live as quickly as possible (MVPs!), then work to improve them. Focus on being decisive and remember that no decision is irreversible.

  2. Iterate and improve. We’re always improving everything in baby steps. Every task is an opportunity to raise the bar on quality, improve our internal processes, AND learn something new for yourself - always look for opportunities to do so. Just because a process or idea is the norm doesn’t mean that we aren’t open to changing it.

  3. Do what works, ditch what doesn't. If something worked, repeat it or see how you can improve it to make it even better. Avoid starting from scratch - do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

  4. Share what you know. Shared information means faster, smarter decisions. Make everything public within the company (share your google docs, ask questions in public Slack rooms, document processes/updates in google drive) and build your work on the information others have shared with you. Use mistakes you've made in the past to help lead other team members toward success.

  5. Remember, we're bootstrappers. A bootstrapped company generates its own funding. That means everything we need to do must contribute to being profitable, either directly or indirectly. If we aren’t profitable, we don’t exist.