No pitches (unless clearly marked as sponsorship)

While we may have attendees who run their own businesses, are involved with startups, or are hiring managers who are actively recruiting, Outlier is designated to be a safe space for attendees to come together, learn from one another, and share ideas without needing to swat away pitches.

Any sessions that are specifically for an individual or company to pitch their materials should be organized via sponsorship chats with the Outlier director, and will be clearly marked on the agenda as a sponsored session. This allows people to actively opt-in to sponsored sessions if they’re keen. It also prevents the Unconf from becoming cluttered with pitches and recruitment (Reach out to us if you want to become a sponsor, and host a sponsored unconference session).

If you see a pitch occurring during a session that is not clearly marked as a sponsored session, please alert us so that we can handle that appropriately.

Examples of what is and is not acceptable for non-sponsored events:

Acceptable / Not Acceptable

We designed this event as a way to engage with the data visualization community. You are  encouraged to reach out to others during the conference, but not as a means of recruiting or sales (unless an attendee has clearly signaled their desire to be contacted).

Why do we have this rule?

The events committee is striving to be as transparent as possible, which includes ensuring the participants are aware of when something is an advertisement or a pitch. Additionally, we want to maintain an inspiring and engaging space, so we want to ensure the event isn’t cluttered with recruiters and corporate messages.

Be Kind to One Another

We ask that you be respectful of others. You can see the full DVS code of conduct here.

Reporting Code of Conduct or Rules of Engagement Violations

To report a violation of either the DVS Code of Conduct or these Rules of Engagement, fill out this form.

There will be someone on call to respond to form submissions and handle violations throughout the event, so that we can ensure issues are handled swiftly and appropriately.

Listen, Pause, Speak

With online conferences it's sometimes hard to remember that we are not the only ones in the room (even if physically we are).  Many of us will have strong opinions and voices and will want to put these out in space, but at the same time we need to also listen to those already speaking and be mindful of quieter voices with just as valid opinions.

We ask that you not interrupt those who are already speaking, pause and give space for others to speak as well when in discussions.  Respect each other's opinions even when we disagree with them, so they can show us the same respect.

No Photos Without Permission

Not all people like having their photo taken. If you decide you’d like to take a photo of your group so that you can post it on Twitter and show everyone how much fun you’re having, please first ask people in the group if this is ok. It could be as simple as giving warning so that people can turn off their cameras if they’d like. :)