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How do I format my code for Reddit or Discord?

Follow Reddit's rules and content policy & Discord's TOS & Guidelines.

Make sure to follow the Reddit Rules listed over at https://www.redditinc.com/policies/content-policy

If you are using our Discord Server, please make sure to follow Discord's TOS & Guidelines. Those are listed here: https://discord.com/new/terms https://discord.com/new/guidelines

Warning Process

The r/CodingHelp subreddit and Discord server is starting a new warning process. All users will be logged each and every time they are warned. This is how it will go in the future:

Now since the Subreddit and Discord Server are 2 different entities, your warnings one one will not cross over to the other. Meaning if you were warned 6 times on the subreddit and only once on the Server, that is how it will remain. You won't have 7 warnings, if that makes sense.


Rules for Participating on r/CodingHelp