Geneva offers you a few different ways to give new people a warm welcome and set the tone for your space.

Rules: If you add rules to your home, members will have to agree to them before they can join your home. People will see your 'Rules' before they see your 'Welcome Message'

Welcome Message: A space to share a short note that gives people a bit of information about the group, how it works, what to expect, etc.

If you have rules and a welcome message, here's what the flow will look like for new members who join your home (if your home has ‘require approval’ on, they’ll see this after they’ve been approved)...

Here's how to set up Rules and a Welcome Message for your home...

Note: Only the homeowner or members with permission to 'Edit Home Info' can make changes. Members without this permission will only be able to read the home’s rules and welcome message.

On Web / Desktop

On Mobile