<aside> 🦜 I help clients create and sell amazing web and mobile products with a can-do attitude.


📍 Current location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

📧 Email: romano.pravdic@gmail.com

Mobile: +386 51 818 683 (FaceTime, Viber, WhatsApp)

🌀 LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/romanopravdic

⌚️ Timezone: Berlin, Paris, Rome (Central European Summer Time)

Short story: How I became a product manager in the first place?

Our angel investor professor at the university challenged us to develop a tech idea, which lead to our team of 4 launching a startup that enabled guests in bars to easily order drinks in 3 steps.

<aside> 📣 We've talked to 380+ guests, waiters and bar owners in total and developed a web-based MVP with POS integration, launched in February 2020 in an elite bar in heart of our capital city. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, we were forced to stop with the development.


During our MVP validation phase, I've met a team of developers that started their own web and mobile development agency. We've brainstormed 3 new product ideas during lockdown and they've offered me job to help them manage and deploy products for their clients.

Quick look: Projects

<aside> 👌 Projects I've worked on as Product Manager


<aside> 🔥 Co-founded a startup More about our product 'MojNatakar'