About Us

After working in the digital financial services sector for about a decade, our founding team came to the realisation that customers' main gripes with traditional financial institutions always boiled down to poor customer service, accessibility and unreasonable fees. We looked at these problems and saw a future where people could make their bank app a key part of their daily life not only because it was easy to use, but mainly because it actually helped them become more healthy financially by providing basic banking services for cheaper, making it easier to budget spending and providing investment opportunities that enrich the everyday person. Wallets Africa was ultimately born out of this desire to make lives better.

We are a Y Combinator alumni and extraordinarily proud of the company we’ve built so far, not to mention humbled to be recognised as one of 100 leading global innovators in financial services, the best electronic payment website in Nigeria in 2019 by NIRA and one of top 100 SMEs in Nigeria in 2020 by Business Day.

Our people are our first customers, our biggest competitive advantage and we continue to invest in our culture and strengthen our team.

Our Team

You’ll be joining a team of highly motivated individuals where everyone (including you) continues to learn about serving customers with empathy and care. We are very supportive, we step in when problems arise and give feedback quickly on how to help each other grow. We are obsessed with lots of things - excellent customer experience, quick dispute resolution, a friendly work atmosphere and creating beautiful products.

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