I run a record label. I'm also a designer, journalist, and photographer.

In 2010, I started a blog about obscure music from Hawaii, Aloha Got Soul. The blog grew to become a record label in 2015 and because of the time I've devoted to ensuring its success, I've admittedly neglected my personal website.

Here's my attempt to bring some relevant info about myself back to the webspace.



Roger Bong (he/him/his) launched Aloha Got Soul as a blog in 2010 after graduating college with a journalism degree and — more importantly — after hearing DJ Muro's Hawaiian Breaks mix. Roger's love for story, sound and design has turned the blog into an independent record label that champions all genres and generations of music from Hawaii. In June 2021, Roger and his wife, Leimomi Bong, opened a brick-and-mortar record shop, AGS Honolulu.

Photos (for press use):

What I Do

🎶 Record Label Management

I oversee and execute every aspect of Aloha Got Soul, from licensing, production, curation, design, and... well, everything.

🎛️ Music Curation

My label has afforded me opportunities to select music for unique settings, DJ various events, and host regular radio broadcasts.

🎨 Design Work ****

When I have the free time, I design for a multitude of aspects for my business, including logos, layouts, websites and more.

🔈 Sound-based Art ****

In recent years, I've been given the opportunity to create sound-based artwork for exhibitions and nationwide organizations.

📷 Photography

It's been a lifelong love affair, the camera and I. Nowadays I prefer to capture everyday moments that we might otherwise miss.

📹 Videography

For 4 years, I had a day job as videographer where I learned to shoot and edit with laser-like precision and speed.