How will FDD progressively decentralize?

FDD is currently balancing the need to provide proper funding to the mission-critical functions while giving a voice to the contributors.

While GitcoinDAO is fully decentralized in the way that it can deny funding if a stream is no longer values aligned or dysfunctional, the FDD stream needs to ensure its own existence at the start to best perform its mandate.

The funds which FDD receives are split between the “initiatives” of the stream. These initiatives then split the budget between the working groups or “squads”. Squads then split the funds to the individual contributors each weekly “epoch”.

The contributors to GitcoinDAO choose to participate in the stream by commenting on the stream homepage. Participation in the workstream, its initiatives, and any squad is based on mutual consent. The stream says yes to the participant and the participant agrees.

Stream Structural Governance

Contributors in a squad are each a subset of the contributors of an initiative. So how are the decisions made on who can participate in a squad or an initiative? You could ask the same question about the workstream as a whole. How does the workstream decide on what initiatives are accepted and how much funding they will receive?

The fundamental problem is that there is no mechanism for self-governance of the participants at the workstream, initiative, or squad level because there is no history of participation yet.

This is okay for a stream without mission-critical functions, but we could not risk an inability to defend GR11. The decision was made, with the support of the multisig keyholders who act as oversight, to appoint “leads” for each stream.

The Role of a “Stream Lead”

The current stream leads are empowered to:

Our goal is to progressively decommission the stream lead role as we find mechanisms for squad, initiative, and eventually workstream governance which elicit the best results. The autonomy of the stream leads enables experimentation which maximizes our possibility of finding successful models (mutations).

Phasing Out the Stream Lead Role

The stream structure guides how value flows within the workstream. These will be progressively decentralized across five phases.

  1. Exploration (Q3 2021 - Q4 2021)

Leads are appointed to make the decisions with autonomy at each level of organization. The higher level leads and multisig protect from bad actors.

  1. Workstream
    1. Participation Decisions = Joe (Multisig veto)
    2. How budget is split between initiatives = Joe (Multisig Veto)