Related work:

Goliath seeks to create the first decentralized database cryptonetwork.

The core innovation is using recursive ZK proofs to achieve horizontal scalability.

Currently the main problem is choosing an efficient representation for the database, which can be proven recursively.

There are three problems really:

  1. Implementing a basic database index structure.
    1. Process database writes, updating a set of indexes.
    2. Ideas: Vector commitments scheme.
      1. Kate polynomial commitments [1] [2].
  2. Proving this database efficiently on-chain, so we can build an economic model.
    1. Nodes prove database work, in exchange they receive fees.
    2. Ideas: StarkNet contract which verifies proofs
  3. Scaling the communication and computational costs of the database network.
    1. Recursive proofing is O(log N) communication (aggregating proofs) and O(log N) computational efficiency.
    2. Proving database work is ??
    3. Ideas: recursive proofing system