Metamotive Roadmap ver 1.0

Q4 2021

Q1 2022

-️️️ Whitelist Rule Release️ -️️️️️ Rarity Level Release

Q2 2022

Q3 2022

Q4 2022

About Season Drops

Season 1


Genesis Series

We invited advanced designers and concept artists from the world's leading design studios to create and release this collab Genesis series.

The works are all fully 3D digital concept vehicles, highly designed and visualized online in real-time, to meet the needs of next-gen advanced assets of the metaverse.

We are also developing drivable demos in Unreal Engine and AR/VR ready online exhibitions.

<aside> 💡 What Season 2 is depends on the decision of potential Metamotive DAO (including the Team / Artists / Collectors). Only some possibilities are provided below.


Season 2


Surreal Experience

Metamotive means the next era of Automotive, while traditional automotive design itself encompasses engineering, science, technology, art, sculpture, design theory, and aesthetics within it.

Why can't we take a step further and step on these cornerstones to explore more meaningful meta-universe assets: interstellar spacecraft, virtual architecture, artificial intelligence, silicon-based biology... Each of these would be more than just cars, but they would be more complete, higher design quality next-generation 3D digital collectibles.

We will keep the original style of Metamotive, and invite more professional engineers, architects, and crypto artists to create ultra-rare conceptual artworks based on the Genesis series released in the first season, not only as single digital assets but even as experienceable AR/VR spaces.

Come join Metamotive DAO to create the next generation of metaverse: closer to reality and beyond.