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This is the details page of risk scoring and reward calculation for The Space Bug Bounty Program.

If you have a question for us, please email us at security@thespace.game.

Factors for Risk Scoring

On The Space Bug Bounty Program, we described that our approach to risk scoring is following OWASP Risk Rating Model based on “Impact” and “Likelihood”.

Every factor will be scored at 1-3 and average score as overall risk score.


| --- | --- |


| --- | --- |

Risk Score = Impact * Likelihood

Reward Calculation

On The Space Bug Bounty Program, we described that rewards are distributed according to the level of overall risk severity and circulating supply at the time of reporting.

Reward Amount = Risk Score / Upper Risk Score of Current Level * Upper Reward Amount of Current Level

For instance, risk score of #1 is 4, then the reward amount is 4 / 5 * 195,300 = 156,240.

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