Rewards are defined as campaign options while creating campaigns.

Types of Rewards

There are two types of rewards:

Monetary rewards allow you to reward referrers and invitees with monetary values. For example; $20 off the next month's subscription fee.

Custom rewards are flexible, allowing you to reward referrers and invitees with credits, modules, add-ons and discounts etc. For example; 10GB additional storage.

Status of a Reward

There are two states for a reward:

The reward is in pending state by default meaning that it's waiting to be redeemed by you. For example; 20% discount to be applied on your next purchase or 1000 credits to be loaded into user's account.

When you apply the reward to a user's account, you redeem it either by API or through the dashboard.

You can think of these states of rewards as your tasks in a todo list. Pending rewards are the tasks you need complete, and redeemed rewards are the tasks that are completed.