Our platform provides a unique reward system that includes Ecosystem Engagement and Staking Reward pools. The newly minted tokens will be distributed as follows:

Newly minted tokens are calculated based on an inverse function where the input is the base supply. This way, initial reward will be higher and will diminish over time.

The function:

$$ Newly\:Released\:Token_i = \frac{Final\:Supply} {Base\:Supply_i} * Adjustment\:Factor

where i denotes the year. i ∈ 1, 2, …. 10.

The adjustment factor is included to minimize the difference between the final supply and the cumulative rewards after year 10.

Highvibe ecosystem’s pools are an economic component that deals with incentives for users and service providers to operate on the platform, using the $VIBES token.

All pools will follow a similar mechanic, where at the end of each month, rewards are distributed to everyone who meets the pool criteria for participation in activities. Each pool can distribute at most 50% of its current balance monthly. This regulation takes place to prevent fast pool depletion over the months with downturns.

HIGHVIBE Ecosystem Engagement Rewards

The Ecosystem Engagement Rewards pool consists of two sub-pools:

i) Engagement through Karma and Experience Points (Incentive pool)

ii) Rebate allocation (Rebate pool)

The Incentive and Rebate pools are designed for creators and users of the platform, where they will be rewarded for actions performed within its framework. .

Each action will have a point value and thus we can define all points generated each month as:

$$ PA = \sum_{u=1}^{n}{P_u} $$

where PA is all points accumulated in a given month, n is all the users/contributors on the platform, and P_u is all the points which an individual user/contributor has generated in the month.

From here we can define that $VIBES tokens awarded to each individual at the end of the month, can be expressed as: