As a social media manager of my own brands and a believer of delegation, the most ideal thing to do is outsource my publicity materials because graphic design is not my strength.

However, for people like me who are just starting, the next best thing is to have a set of professionally made templates for my publicity materials. That's what I did!

Thank you Jennifer Estil! Huge help for #TheWritingMovement.

Easy to work with and very responsive. She can translate your ideas into visuals - something which I find hard to do myself. Thank you for the excellent and quality service! ❤️

It's such a joy working with Coach Jen! She definitely knows that perfect designs for her clients because she listens. She is very systematic and organized. She is very knowledgeable in the areas she teaches, and does things excellently every single time. You can only expect great things from this woman. ❤️

-Nikki Tan, Dear Wife

When I got to know Jenn, I immediately liked her work. The output on her previous collaborations was really on point and well thought out. I decided to ask for her rates so we talked over zoom para mas well curated to my preference and needs.

Once nakuha na niya lahat ng information she needs and my photos, she worked on the proposal and when I received it, I was blown away on how professional it is.

Jen has such a great way of putting things together.

Sobrang saya ko. Nakakakilig yung mga gawa ni Jen. If you are like me na gusto mag improve and branding pero hirap sa arts, hire Canva Concepts. You will love it!

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