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Returner programmes 'offer a supported bridge back to work for people who have taken a career break. They can be for one person or a group, so are relevant for smaller companies as well as multinationals', 'Why creating a returner programme makes business sense', Government Equalities Office.

Many organisations recognise that careers often don't follow straight lines. These types of programmes enable these employers the opportunity to access a largely untapped pool of senior and high-calibre experienced and motivated individuals who are keen to get back to their profession after a break.

While these programmes are often aimed at women returning after parental career breaks they also attract 'professionals who take time out of corporate life for a variety of reasons: other care-related breaks (e.g. eldercare), postgraduate education (e.g. full-time MBAs and PhDs), expatriates and entrepreneurs wishing to return to a corporate role', 'Career returners - how to tap into an increasingly important talent pool?', Future of Work Hub.

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