<aside> 📌 This was a problem statement given by Headout as part of the 10k Designers Masterclass.


What is Headout?

Headout is an on-demand mobile marketplace that helps travellers discover & book tours, activities, events & local experiences in town for the next 24 hours. Let's say you forgot to book tickets to an event or tour or want to book tickets from your hotel room because let's face it, we all hate standing in long queues. Or maybe you just want to look for attractions in your destination. With Headout you can search for attractions and activities in your destination and book your next experience in just 3 taps. No queues, No waiting, No hassle.

Understanding the problem

Researching Headout

 Current Headout App

Current Headout App

Initial Research

I hopped on Google to do a small search to get a little more understanding about how people plan their trips and what are the things they make sure they know about the destination before travelling and the kind of content they consume to get the information.