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J.Bourne Resume 2020 (1).pdf

Content Creator & Strategist

Fictive Kin - Brooklyn NY | 2019-2020

Led Caviar in their quest to uncover new, ethics-forward territory in the crowded space of food delivery.

By: Leading a multi-faceted research project spanning across the exploration of broad food industry trends, then digging specifically into the topic of food allergies as it relates to delivery through large surveys, 1-1 interviews, small panels, and desk research.

Additionally: Providing strategic recommendations to stand apart, based on competitive research; specifically, a study of perceptions and advertisement messaging of other food delivery brands, digging into the roots of the stickiest problems in the industry and empathizing with vulnerable diners.

Lastly: Conducted UX interviews for prototypes of a new-and-improved Caviar delivery app, which would cater to those with food allergies or unique diets, gathering insights to hand off to the product design team.

Identified key case studies for Amazon Alexa (Hearables division), providing a research-backed and attainable vision of the future of voice and informing prototyped user interfaces and advertisements.

By: Conducing qualitative research with over 300 headphone users, recruited without the help of a research company, including complex survey design and data analysis (plain language-ing the numbers).

Additionally: Recruited for, and led, 15 one-on-one interviews with headphone users to gather qualitative anecdotes and supportive quotes; prepared discussion guide, transcribed interviews, and identified patterns.

Lastly: Wrote a 33 page official report in Amazon format, which provided a detailed write-up of our final case study recommendations and research findings; served as the pre-read for high stakes final meeting with the Alexa Hearables executive team.

Drove an increase in organic web traffic to (vibrator brand) by over 150%.

By: ideating, writing, and editing original and highly researched content about sexual health for the blog, newsletter, and socials.

Advocated for key updates and changes to the TeuxDeux app and web product to better reflect the needs of desired and existing users.

By: administering and analyzing surveys to the product's top users, daily community management across socials, UX audit of website, all of which fed into recommendations ranked by priority and scheduled into the product roadmap.

Additionally: identifying and contacting influencers for participation in newly launched referral program in the creative entrepreneur space.