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Last updated January 24, 2022 12:45 PM (EST)

Things I’ve learned from experience

<aside> 👁️ Seek to understand, then to be understood. As a Community Advocate with The Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy (GITA), I learned the meaning of honest conversations with people and collectively achieving goals. I often found myself mediating conflicts in order for our team to create deeper connections rather than animosity.


<aside> ❣️ Create and share stuff that builds community, not divides it. During my time as Content Strategist at GITA, I worked to communicate one clear, simple message to our community: we’re in this together.

One of my favorite projects was our newsletter. I built it from scratch, and learned a ton along the way. I didn’t even know what a “campaign” was before I started!

As I’ve reflected on my work, I realized something. I intuitively understood that I had to intimately “get” the language my audience was using, and then use it. I learned about all this user research, testing, iterating, and implementing feedback stuff after the fact! UX Design just makes sense to me. I didn’t know there was any other way of doing it.

We went from having nothing in terms of digital content to growing the number of subscribers to a few hundred in a couple short months.

And we had some fun along the way.


<aside> 📖 Live at the edge of my understanding. Be a learner. Be a beginner. This is who I am at heart. I love learning. I’m not afraid of a problem worth solving or a topic worth exploring. My curiosity has always driven my actions in life, school, relationships, and work. When I’m learning, I’m living. No ego. No preconceptions. For me, learning is seeing.

Clarity is both the goal and the journey.


It’s a work in progress, but I think it’s just a valuable as the usual thing. Or at least a good compliment to the main dish.

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