The HeyForm dashboard provides form by form submissions results and analytics.

To view your Insights, just head to the Analytics page from the HeyForm dashboard after opening your HeyForm.

To view your form submission, you just need to click the submission tab.

Analytics Overview

The Overview shows you Views, Total submissions, Completion Rate, and the Average time taken to complete. You can select the time period from the right-side drop-down menu.

Views: Shows how many times your HeyForm had been loaded, whether or not it was started.

Responses: Shows how many times people completed your HeyForm.

Completion rate: Shows the percentage of people who completed your HeyForm after starting. To calculate this, we divide the number of responses by the number of views, multiplied by 100.

Average time taken to complete: Shows the mean average of how long people took to complete your form from starting to hitting submit.