Important services are names in the administration section section.

You can use systemctl command line to check the status of a service on the node. For instance:

systemctl status ethoscope_node.service

To restart a service:

systemctl restart ethoscope_node.service

In a device

Ethoscope devices also have services. In order to access a device, you will need to open an ssh connection (unless you put a screen and a keyboard onto the raspberry pi). To do so, you will need to retreive the ip address. It should be listed on the ethoscope homepage.

Then you can run:

ssh alarm@192.168.1.XXX
# if the network is properly configure the following will also work
ssh alarm@ETHOSCOPE151

Where XXX depends on your device (it is not the number of the device, but an IP address allocated randomly/DHCP). The pasword is alarm. If you need it, you can enter a super user shell using su. Now you are "inside" the pi, you can view/restart/... services the same way. If your device is running, you need to know what you are doing as you could crash it and lose experimental data.