In a nutshell: if community members are being subject to “I like your tagline” spam, please consider, instead, allowing people to turn the feature off.  For the 8 years I have been using the app daily, I have not had any issues with spam (other than friend requests which I will elaborate more fully on below)

I want to say thanks to Insight Timer for helping me develop my daily practice over the past 8 years and achieve meditating 365 days in a row.  My meditation practice is now automatic like brushing my teeth.  I am forever indebted to Insight Timer for being a structure for this.

I would like to provide more detailed feedback in good spirit.

I have been concerned for quite some time that our app is slowly losing its core roots that the community is a listening for success in developing one’s daily practice.

I realize for some, talking to people is important.  For others, talking is not important - being in a meditation room in silence with others is what supports practice.

I acknowledge Insight Timer as a great place to meet people anywhere in the world and that we can chat with people when the connection is mutual.  I look forward to this day.

I personally have not been in a place while working on my daily practice to feel safe about introducing “chats” into my meditation timer.

My time in the community is about meditating and supporting others in their practice.

Gratitude and greeting someone in my Thai culture is clasping one’s hands 🙏🏼

The “I like your tagline” is a great way to express appreciation for a stranger without feeling like you have to start a conversation with them (this seems very Western in my opinion)

It is my hope your team will choose to  restore the “I like your tagline” feature and continue to allow people to acknowledge each other for their wisdom.

I wholeheartedly support an option to allow anyone to turn the feature off if they feel it is disruptive.

For full transparency, I ignore friend requests from people who do not have a tagline.  This is my way of getting to know them otherwise there is little context behind their request other than their stats and picture (dare I say this sounds like an app starting with a “T”!)

Reading someone’s tagline is a way of getting to know them through their intention and as their declaration.

Thank you very much for your willingness to listen to more detailed feedback.

I want Insight Timer to continue to make a difference and I want to continue sharing the app with those who want to develop a meditation practice.

Thank you again for all your hard work supporting a world of people who are becoming aware of the cost of being a “human doing” rather just be 🙏🏼