General introduction to the tools

The tool stack is quite simple with at the moment with two main tools:- a Google Drive Folder hosting all the shared documents- a Discourse Forum hosting the discussions

These tools are- viewable/readable by everyone on the internet- editable/writable only to the participants to the workshop

To be able to edit/write/talk, there is a group associated to each tool of which the organizers are members:- a Google Group "Bigscience-Workshop" gives edit/write access to the Google Drive documents- a HuggingFace Organization "BigScience" give edit/write access to the Forum

Main documents in the Google Drive


The main documents related to the organisation are in the organisation folder of the Google Drive and include:- the general description of the organisation as a one-year long workshopthe updated list of the working groups and their members/chairs

Working groups

The documents relevant for each working groups can be found in their associated sub-folders on the google drive.