A Crash Course to Design Thinking and Prototyping

A prototype is an early model mockup of the product you want to build and it's the end goal for our hackathon! The product can be an app, website, or other applications. It's useful for conceptualizing and visualizing your ideas for the product. It's also meant to showcase the main user flows and experience, as well as show the layout and organization of your product.

Visit this following page to view some examples of prototypes (May take a second to load)

Prototype Examples

"But how do you begin the process of even creating this??"

We can follow the design thinking process!

The Design Thinking Process


The design thinking process is an iterative process to approaching designing products. It's not necessarily linear, and to simplify, we'll walk through the steps as for what's feasible within this weekend.

1. Empathize

⭐ Understand the design challenges and do further research on your desired challenge to tackle this weekend.

⭐ Understand the different perspectives against the topic through user research, talk with others (ideally people who may be affected by the topic)