If you want to resend an email campaign, you can do so without going through all of the steps required to create your email again.


To begin, navigate to the Emails page of the Sendloop Dashboard.


Identify the email campaign you would like to resend, and click on the ellipses icon to the right of its row to display additional options.


Click Copy. You will now be directed to the Email Editor, where you can schedule your new campaign. Notice, however, that the contents of the email haven't changed from the original.


To schedule your new campaign, use the buttons located at the top left of the Email Editor. You can opt to Send repeatedly, Send later, or Send now. If you choose to Send repeatedly or Send later, you will be prompted to provide details as to when the emails should be sent. Click Schedule to save your changes.


When you navigate back to your Emails page, you'll see your newly copied campaign with updated details.