How could I create an immersive concert experience for my Noctiluca Scintillans?

what includes an immersive concert experience?

As my Noctiluca normally lives in the endless deep sea, but now suddenly has to live in this small bottle in my student room, I want to organize an immersive concert for my new friends to enhance from their everyday life in the bottle. Working towards this concert we'll experiment together with vibration, light and sound to create an unforgettable night. I say night since this is the time they are awake. during the day I leave them and let them recharge for our next experiment.

When the sun goes down, my friends wake up and are able to lighten up when I bring them in vibration. This is why the space where the concerts will take place, should be dark. Besides that, the concerts can only take place when the sun went down. So in december (?) it will be a concert after 16:30.

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What includes the natural habitat of the Noctiluca Scintillans?


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