I am currently building a new Research & Insights team at HashiCorp. Our approach to research begins with a democratized, practitioner-led, researcher-supported model. Building on this model, we leverage research specialists to drive strategic research efforts such as problem space explorations that are product / platform-agnostic, and developing artifacts such as Personas, JTBD, user journeys, service blueprints and mental model maps that cut across teams and offerings. As we build the team and learn as we go, I will share thoughts on our approach, our thinking and some musings on where we want to go.

In the meantime, you can browse some of my work and thinking from previous roles and learning experiences.

In my last role, I built and led the Design Research team at Asurion. We wrote about how we created a research team from scratch, and how we cooked up design research with our research cookbooks. We also shared more about our research cookbooks over at Learners here. There, we talk specifically about how the recipes and cookbooks, as one of our tactics, have helped us drive strategic democratization of research in our designer-led, research-supported model.

Research through Design