Research Requests allow users to activate the Golden AI and research teams to find information or specific data on a company, person, or technology (Topic or Entity) or a number of entities (Query or List).

Creating a Research Request


To create a Research Request, navigate to the Research Request tab on the Sidebar and you will be taken to the Research Requests index page.


Next, click the 'File a Research Request' button in the top right of the Research Requests index page in order to trigger the Research Request Wizard.

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 8.49.15 AM.png


When the Research Request Wizard opens, you can choose between filing a Research Request for a Topic or a Query.


For each type of Research Request you will be able to fine-tune the exact information you want – whether it be a deep dive on a topic, or single data fields.


Once you have chosen your text and data requirements, Enterprise users will have the opportunity to write some contextual notes about your request. All users can provide any useful URLs for insight into your requirements.