Blockchain@Columbia has a number of research initiatives, designed to train curious and talented undergraduates to become leading scientists in the field of blockchain research. We are advised chiefly by Professor Tim Roughgarden, who teaches a rigorous theoretical introduction to blockchains at Columbia.

Reading List

Reading Group

Every week, we host a reading group where we discuss the bleeding-edge in recent blockchain research, including protocol design. It’s a primarily technical group, with some assumed prior understanding of the theoretical aspects of blockchain, but feel free to come by even if you have no prior exposure.

We have two meetings: Mondays at 4:30 with Prof. Roughgarden, and Fridays at 5:00. For calendars, papers, recordings, etc, see the links below.

SP22: Monday 4:30 with Prof. Roughgarden

SP22: Friday 5:00

Research Grants Program

Blockchain@Columbia sponsors on-campus research on blockchains, with technical advising from both academic and industry sources. More information will be posted soon, but you can contact Alan ( for more details.