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PhD Research: University of Oxford, Institute of Biomedical Engineering — 2018+

For my PhD thesis research, I joined the BUBBL group under the supervision of Professor Daniel Bulte and Professor Eleanor Stride, where I focus on MRI of oxygen carriers in treatment of hypoxic tumours.

PhD Rotation Project: University of Oxford, FMRIB — 2018

In 2017, I was awarded a Clarendon Scholarship to join the EPSRC & MRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Biomedical Imaging. The training involves one year of interdisciplinary training and two 3 month rotation projects. I completed my first rotation on using deep learning for MRI image analysis on the UK Biobank under the supervision of Professor Mark Jenkinson and Dr. Ana Namburete.

Data Privacy & Open Research Outreach: OpenMined — 2019-2021

OpenMined is an open-source community building tools for privacy-preserving data science. (GitHub) I wrote blogs & academic work, and led the partnerships team.

Undergraduate Thesis: Brain and Mind Institute, UWO — 2016-2017

I completed my undergraduate thesis with the Culham lab at the Brain and Mind Institute, focusing on artefact reduction in functional MRI (fMRI) using independent component analysis (ICA).