Project Goal

The goal of the entire project was to improve our Workflow (process) feature through a complete redesign. We had learned a lot about our users since the feature was originally designed and implemented, and we wanted to apply that to this crucial area of the app.

The Plan

  1. Do a deep dive on all research that we've done related to Workflows since that feature's initial implementation.
  2. Identify questions we still have about the user's mental model of Workflows and current process.
  3. Conduct thorough interviews with users to answer those questions.

<aside> 👉 Disclaimer I performed some of this research myself, but other research was conducted by a UX Researcher that is on the team that I lead. In that case, I would help formulate the plan, they would execute the research, and together we would review the research and pull out insights.

These are just a small selection of the insights we found and documented.



Insight #1

A process within one of our user's institution will often branch and have multiple tasks happening simultaneously, but they consider this all part of the same process.


On site (in-person) interviews about process flows with users multiple institutions


This insight led us to design a new feature in Workflows that we call Lanes. Each Lane can be worked independently by different users or the same user.


Related Terminology Research

During our interview phase of research, we made a point of asking the users about specific terminology so we could understand how they talk about their processes.