Collection of reference materials that help us make Safient better and a feasible solution.

Competitive solutions:

A few competitive solutions that are building on recovery or inheritance solutions:

How is Safient different from Sarcophagus?

Sarcophagus is a decentralized dead man switch-based solution to transmit the control of secrets to a nominee. It leverages Ethereum and Arweave ecosystem for security and decentralization. Although it allows secret transmission, it is not a generic solution for any kind of event and doesn’t allow convenient integration with other applications.

At Safient we allow multiple event conditions for a flexible recovery of secrets. We also allow convenient integration with other applications in a chain-agnostic manner. In essence, Safient is much more flexible and convenient for users and devs to use and integrate.

How is Safient different from Vault12?

Vault12 is a crypto secret vault solution that enables someone to create a digital vault, add secrets and share them with only trusted guardians when they try to access it. Multiple trusted guardians have to be added while creating this vault.

At Safient we allow a digital safe to be created without the prerequisite of any trusted guardians and we auto-appoint the guardians in our network to bring more security and convenience. We also support multiple flexible event-based recovery and inheritance.

Competitive analysis: