Request Data

Dropbase makes it easy to request data from external collaborator or partners outside of your Workspace. To request data, you can set up a Dropmail Pipeline.


What is a Dropmail Data Request?

A Dropmail is used to create a unique email address that you can share with other users so they can email CSVs or Excel files to you. By creating a Dropmail Pipeline, you enable any external or internal user to email data to your workspace. If auto-run is enabled, this data is automatically cleaned and loaded to your database table based on pre-set instructions specified through a Pipeline. To request data using Dropmail, you must first set up a Dropmail Pipeline. Dropmail can be used to replace the manual processing of CSV or Excel data sent to you via email attachments.

You do not need to be a Dropbase user to send data using Dropmail. Anybody with knowledge of the Dropmail address can email CSV or Excel files to it.

Request Data using Dropmail

Open Pipelines, and click to "Create New". Select Dropmail, enter the name of the Dropmail, and click "Create Dropmail" to confirm. Once you create this, you can copy the unique Dropmail address and share it with collaborators you need data from.

You may also use the Dropmail address to create an automatic forward rule in your inbox. That way, anytime you get an email from a specific sender or keywords, you can automatically forward it to Dropmail for automatic cleaning and loading to database.

Sending Data through Dropmail

Sending data through Dropmail is as simple as sending an email to the unique Dropmail address, with a CSV or Excel file attached.