<aside> 💡 Aave evolves and thrives on the contributions of its community. Feedback on how to improve the Aave Protocol is collected and presented in the Requests for Proposals below.

We invite curious developers, finance gurus, community managers, and other Aavengers to take a look and apply for a grant in any of the following categories.

This page will be updated periodically as grants are announced and new needs are discovered.


Table of Contents

Top Priorities

Governance UI

We want to build an Aave owned front-end for governance and voting. This would be a fully owned Aave solution: open source, Aave community owned on the Aave repo. It should be possible to draft, discuss, propose, and vote on Aave Improve Proposals (AIPs) through a seamless and intuitive website. A great web app would include features similar to Tally or Sybil, allow easy delegation of proposition and voting power, allow transactions to be queued and submitted by non-technical users, and walk proposal authors through the end-to-end process in an intuitive way.

Stablecoin Growth

Build projects and integrations that bring more stablecoin deposits into Aave. New yield aggregation tools, ways to deposit into multiple markets in one transaction, and innovative liquidity mining projects on top of Aave are encouraged to apply. Also wallet integrations, fintech/ecommerce integrations, or TradFi connectors are encouraged if they meaningfully increase stablecoin deposits.

Aave Weekly Analytics Report

Week on Week reporting of liquidity and usage of the Aave Protocol to replace prior update. Can start as a twitter post and become its own website + interactive dapp over time. Can be produced using the Aave V2 Liquidity API.

Committees / DAOs



We'd like to fund innovative lending projects building on top of Aave and accessing the massive pools of liquidity available in the protocol today. Some ideas include: