This page is updated periodically as grants are distributed and new needs are discovered. Last updated 9th August, 2022.

<aside> 👉 Aave evolves and thrives on the contributions of its community. Feedback on improving the Aave Protocol is collected and presented in the Inspiration for Builders below.


<aside> 🏕️ We invite curious developers, finance gurus, community managers, and other Aave-ngers to take a look and apply for a grant in any of the following categories.


1️⃣ Top Priorities

💱 Stablecoin Growth

Build projects and integrations that bring more stablecoin deposits into Aave. New yield aggregation tools, ways to deposit into multiple markets in one transaction, and innovative liquidity mining projects on top of Aave are encouraged to apply. Also, wallet integrations, fintech /e-commerce integrations, or TradFi connectors are encouraged if they meaningfully increase stablecoin deposits.

🏦 Governance UI

We want to build an Aave-owned front-end for governance and voting. This would be a fully owned Aave solution: open-source, Aave community-owned on the Aave repo. It should be possible to draft, discuss, propose, and vote on Aave Improve Proposals (AIPs) through a seamless and intuitive website. A great web app would include features similar to Tally or Sybil, allow easy delegation of proposition and voting power, allow transactions to be queued and submitted by non-technical users, and walk proposal authors through the end-to-end process in an intuitive way.

⛺ Credit Delegations

Credit delegation allows a depositor to deposit funds in the protocol to earn interest, and delegate borrowing power (i.e. their credit) to other users. The enforcement of the loan and its terms are agreed upon between the depositor and borrowers, which can be either off-chain via legal agreements or on-chain via smart contracts. We hope to see more projects educating users about this future, integrating it into smart-contracts or apps, and increasing usage rates.

2️⃣ Grant Categories

👥 Committees and DAOs

Committees and DAOs are a vital part of Aave's ecosystem growth and allow for grassroots community involvement (we aim to be one ourselves ;) ). Supporting these initiatives attracts new users and hopefully long-term active contributors, distributing ownership across a range of users. AGD continues to look for projects that expand the ecosystem in this direction.

🗳️ Governance

Governance is a priority of any growing DAO. As Aave matures and attracts more users, it is important to ease the burden of governance. At AGD, we aim to fund projects which make Aave’s Governance fun, simple, and easy.