Built around planned production time, the Time Usage report is a simple but powerful tool used to understand how your production time is divided between good production, slow production and downtime. The report gives you insight if you what you are doing is helping turn production stops to good production time.

By increasing your good production you become more productive in how you use your resources.

Good production is the time when production is running as planned or faster. It is calculated according to set ideal cycle times.

What does the Time Usage chart show?

The Time Usage chart simply visualises your planned production time and by analysing it you immediately understand whether your resources are utilised effectively or not. The division of time is shown using colours and follows the same principle as in Shift View (read more about this here).

The chart is especially useful when analysing longer time frames to understand the trend in your time usage and also to identify whether your main losses are due to downtime or slow cycles.


Tip: Use the total row in the data table to visualise the time usage of your whole factory.

How do I display time usage for the whole period?

When you want to see how your planned production time was used in one chart for the selected time period, then just click on the "Total" display button in the middle of the screen and the chart will change accordingly.


What production data is displayed in the Time Usage data table?

The division of time that you see on the chart is also shown in the data table. The only difference is that instead of percentages, data is displayed in time. Also, in the data table, there is a column for downtime that is the sum of unplanned and uncommented stops.

If you are not sure of the definitions or how the times you see are calculated, then just click on help icons next to labels in the columns to get an explanation.


How can I change the time format in which data is displayed?

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to analysing time-related data. That is why you can toggle how time is displayed by using the time format icon.


Note: Please find the description of the general reports features here.