What does the Speed loss chart show?

The Speed loss chart visualises your top 20 production speed loss reasons, whereas the colour of each breakdown depends on the stop group it belongs to.

Using different colours to differentiate groups gives your team the possibility to immediately understand what issues contribute most to losses in speed. The numbers on top of the bars give an overview of how many times during the selected time period these speed losses have occurred.


What production data is displayed in the data table?

Everything you see on the chart is also shown in the data table, and some more. The table gives an overview of all speed loss reasons during the selected time period, including the group they belong to.

The exact number of occurrences can be found under the  count column, while the notes count column shows how many notes there are from operators for this speed loss reason. The duration column shows you the total time and the speed loss % shows the proportion of each speed loss reason to total speed loss.

How to analyse speed loss reasons?

By using the drill-down feature you can visualise speed losses in more detail.

The chart shows how the speed loss reason has changed in time and displays the number of occurrences for each day with the total time lost shown on the y-axis. While the data table shows you the specifics of each occurrence – the operator, the duration, date, location (if set) and also if any notes were added.


TIP: toggle speed loss reasons off on the chart

When analysing speed loss it is common that the duration of some speed losses (e.g. uncommented) is much longer than others and visual comparability is diminished. In order to compare and analyse speed loss reasons more effectively, you can toggle speed loss reasons on and off on the chart by clicking on the chart icon in the data table.


Note: Please find the description of the general reports features here.