Our Quantities report measures your production output and helps keep track of the total quantity produced and what your quality was during the selected time period. The collected information can be viewed based on stations, products, shifts and operators.

Quality is simply the proportion of actual production throughput which meets the customer specification and is right the first time. Quality losses fall into two – production scrap and start-up scrap.

What does the Quantities chart show?

The Quantities chart visualises how production output has changed in time and helps you understand if you what you are doing is helping increase output or not. The visualisation of production output over time also helps identify how seasonality affects your output and whether there are any patterns that might otherwise go unnoticed.


What production data is displayed in the Quantities data table?

The data table in the Quantities report gives you information about the total quantity produced, what could have been produced (ideal quantity), how much scrap there was and what was the quality during the selected time period.


Note: Please find the description of the general reports features here.