The Cycle Times report is all about understanding what is your actual production speed compared to the "Maximum demonstrated rate" (MDR) or "ideal cycle time" as is defined in Evocon. By continuously monitoring and improving cycle times (eliminating waste) you will be able to increase your throughput, performance and improve OEE. Cycle time information can be analysed based on stations and products.

Performance is the actual throughput of the plant during the time it ran, compared to the maximum throughput that could have been achieved running at the MDR.  Performance losses are categorized as micro stops and slow cycles.

What does the Cycle Times chart show?

The Cycle Times chart gives an overview of all the registered cycles for each product and station. The X-axis on the chart displays cycle time values and Y-axis displays the number of times each cycle occurred. By analysing the chart you can compare whether the most occurring cycle time is what you have set as the ideal target. If not, then you should make changes in product settings based on the data in this report.

Note: Set ideal cycle time is always converted to “sec/unit” format on the chart which is also displayed in the data table.

What production data is displayed in the OEE data table?

In addition to showing the ideal cycle time as displayed on the chart, the data table shows the cycle time in the format as defined by you, in product settings (e.g. pcs/h, pcs/min, sec/pcs). It also shows what is defined as the stop start time for each product.

Stop start time is the point in time when slow production (yellow areas in Shift View) becomes a production stop (red areas in Shift View).

Why is my performance indicator over 100%?

If the performance indicator in your OEE report or in the Shift View is over 100% then is an indication of incorrect settings for cycle times.

The example below illustrates this scenario. In this case, the ideal cycle time is set at 6.7 sec/pcs but in reality production speed is faster and we can see that most cycles for this product are registered at 6 sec/pcs. Once we have this information it is important to go to the settings of this product and change the cycle time based on what the data says. This will ensure that we have correct OEE calculation.

Note: Performance in the context of OEE should never be over 100% as the calculation is based on the maximum throughput defined by the production machine vendor. If you do not know the MDR of your machine, then either contact your vendor or continuously monitor the cycle time report to understand what your theoretical maximum speed could be and change your settings accordingly.

Note: Please find the description of the general reports features here.