<aside> 💌 With the Repeat x Klaviyo Integration, you can


Repeat carts in your email flows & campaigns


Your customers now have a custom property called Repeat Cart URL, which contains a URL to their personalized Repeat Cart.

Any customer that has placed at least one order from your store should have this custom property present in Klaviyo under their customer profile.

You can see how many customers have this property by looking at the Segment called Repeat Cart URLs.

How to implement

Standard email

Text-only email


Avoid using Repeat cart URLs with active subscribers

To remove any possibility of confusing your customers, we highly recommend you avoid using the Repeat Cart with any active subscribers, regardless of how many products they are actively subscribed to.

<aside> ☝️ When you are onboarded to our Klaviyo integration, we generate Repeat Cart URLs for any customer that has placed at least 1 order with your store, including subscription orders. This means we are generating URLs for active subscribers. However, we do not recommend sending active subscribers to these carts so we're asking brands to add filtering on Klaviyo's end to ensure any active subscribers are not navigating to the cart.


Avoid using Repeat cart URLs with consumers that do not shop in USD

Currently, USD is the only currency supported on the Repeat cart. With that in mind, we recommend only using Repeat Cart URLs with any customers that should not be shopping in USD.

Testing the variable

Tracking performance


All UTMs set in your Klaviyo email will be sent to the Repeat cart and then persisted through to checkout, so your Google Analytics attribution should be unaffected

Where to see performance