📇 Rename Cards and Items

Greater customization of card and item names? ✅

Growth and Enterprise customers can now rename cards and items! By popular request (in fact, our most up-voted post in Canny, our feedback tool) - you can now communicate your trust posture in language your customers, prospects, and team will understand. Simply enter edit mode and make direct edits to card and item names.

To note: If you do update names, you will notice these titles change across the app (for example, how its displayed in the dashboard). Additionally, a few items cannot be renamed - for example 'Compliance' items or 'Security Grade' Items, as these are trademarked.


1️⃣ Single Entry into Knowledge Base (KB)

Streamlined management and more control over your Knowledge Base (KB)? ✅ No longer needing to create a CSV file just to upload entry 😮

Add a single entry to the Knowledge Base - quickly add new questions, answers, and comments on an individual level to your KB. To get started, navigate to 'Knowledge Base' on left-hand navigator, and select the 'add' button.


🚀 But Wait, There's More!

→ Salesforce App - for our Enterprise customers using Salesforce, we have made major app improvements with the account invite flow. Now, the process of adding someone straight from Salesforce is just as slick as adding them within the SafeBase app 🎉.


For additional information on Salesforce Managed App and configuring above - check out this article, or overall setup guide here.

→ Detail on why request was not auto-approved - ****view the❓icon within the Access Request table to learn why. Reasons displayed can include: email domain require manual approval, multiple appropriate accounts in SafeBase or Salesforce, conditions not met, etc.

Example below: Conditions for auto-approval were not met. You may still manually approve the request.


🗓️ Coming Soon