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What's the occasion?

On Tuesday, July 6th we are launching Remotion 2.0 on Product Hunt.

We need your help to spread the word. When we launched 1.0 on Product Hunt at the start of the pandemic, our supporters on social media drove thousands of page views and likes and had an incredibly outsized lasting impact.

Please help our launch be successful by posting on social media (especially LinkedIn and Twitter where you should tag us / the company). Please share our news with colleagues at work and in the media (and if possible ask them to post, too!).

This doc has helpful resources like example posts and assets company assets that you can use to decide what to share.

Refresher: What's Remotion?

Remotion is a lightweight virtual office in a macOS dock that helps your team feel like you're together.

What's changed?

When we first launched at the start of the pandemic, we were focused on remote productivity. This last year, we learned that feeling disconnected from your team is actually the bigger challenge. We've also heard from many teams who are concerned about the transition to hybrid and making sure all teammates have a level playing field, regardless of whether or not they're coming into the office. So, we've been building Remotion to help remote-hybrid teams feel connected and include their remote teammates.

To support this new direction, Remotion 2.0 adds features like music rooms, live selfies, and emoji badges.