<aside> 📍 Notion Tip: All-hands meetings are especially tricky with many people connecting virtually. It helps to share your screen with an agenda that you can move through chronologically. That way, everyone stays focused and gets fuller context than if they were just listening to someone speak.


A. Opening

<aside> 📍 Notion Tip: What comes first? Set the tone for the entire meeting. Use @ to tag the people who are sharing so everyone knows who is speaking even if they aren't on screen at the moment.


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B. Talks

<aside> 📍 Notion Tip: For each segment of your meeting, create a short bulleted agenda. You can also embed Google Slides, Figma prototypes, or whatever else you want to show directly into this Notion page so you don't have to click away. Just type /embed.


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C. Q&A

<aside> 📍 Notion Tip: Virtual meetings can feel very one-sided if you're not careful. Make it easy for the whole team to participate by making Q&A interactive. The table below lets anyone ask a question so that others on the team can upvote it. That way, at the meeting, leaders can see what questions everyone is most interested in. Answers can be recorded inside each page so that they're easy to reference later.



D. Closing

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E. Notes: