I can’t carry my digital music library around anymore.


Problem iTunes with an increasing library is unmanageable.

Approach ****Bring modularity to current local setup.

Solution Proprietary software for multimedia management powered up with FOSS

📘 Introduction

As a former professional musician, I listen to a lot of music every day.

Over the years, I gathered several terabytes worth of records in digital format.

When I was performing as a DJ, I used to carry around external hard drives, backups and USB sticks.

Even though lighter than old vinyl crates, it was still a pain to carry around.

⁉️ Problem

With the size of my digital library growing daily, working with iTunes became increasingly time consuming.

Facing incompatibility with other software, I was losing big time making iTunes to work the way I needed to.

Also, doing off-site and incremental backups from iTunes was inconsistent.

It was time for a big change.

This actually applies to tools of all kinds. Don’t get married to them.

🤔 Approach

What do I actually need?