We walk together The journey each of us takes An adventure starts


Recognising the importance of personal and professional growth the engineering career path exists to keep track of your progress and manage expectations for every step of the way.

Every step impacts the company and yourself in different ways:


Our TechOps, SupplyOps, and non-engineer Automation team members will follow our non-engineering career paths.


The engineering career path is composed initially of a main track, common to everyone and that later bisects into two distinct tracks, management and individual contributor.


The main track is common to all engineers because it takes time and enough working experience until you develop more specialised traits that impact the team and the product differently. When this happens it's time to decide which of the tracks you'll be pursuing. It's common for people to know from early on what track they want to eventually pursue, but with time and new challenges this opinion often changes, and that's fine. Typically the Senior roles, of the main track, already bring you close to scenarios where you can see and feel where you'd be happier. Ultimately the main track is all about mastering your own self and the things you work on.