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Last week we brought you “Le Word”, the first game to join our platform. This week we’ve improved it with:

This week we’re launching a much requested feature: shared reminders! The popular first party apps for making reminders have largely ignored a super common use case — the need to remind yourself and other people to do something. My partner and I are super excited to use it to remind ourselves to do chores around the house, like watering the plants, taking out the trash, and paying our bills.

Our reminders app supports all the configuration you’re used, including the ability to set detailed recurring reminders, and we’ve got plans to extend it too! One feature we’ve been toying with is a “split reminder”. If you’ve ever needed to collect rent from your roommates, a “split reminder” would let each roommate individually mark the reminder complete. But until everyone in the group has checked it off, it will remain in a partially completed state, such that the one delinquent friend who’s always the last to write the check will continue to be reminded, while everyone else is kept in the loop about who still needs to pay up! We’re also going to add the ability to generate a shared reminder from a chat message; each week we’re looking for new ways to integrate our various space apps, be it automatically sending your Le Word score in chat or creating a reminder / calendar event / list / note from any screen. We think that storing a diversity of resources (chats, games, events, photos etc.) in one space with your closest people (or maybe just yourself!) is going to lead to some really novel views on, and interactions with, your data.

We’re going to keep up our weekly releases, and have plenty of apps, features and fixes on our to-do list… but if you have ideas or feedback, please continue to get in touch!