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Notifications for @mentions and comments keep collaboration easy, but you can also use them to keep yourself on track if you're using Notion solo!

How to set up reminders

You can create reminder notifications to draw your own attention to a certain page/task/event in two ways – by creating inline reminders within a page, or by adding them to the "Date" property in a database.

Inline Date Reminders

You can use the "@" syntax to create inline dates within a page – for example, typing @Today or @Next Tuesday 3pm (which will create a gray hyperlink). Clicking that link will open up the date picker, where you can set a reminder to receive a notification for that page (when the reminder is set, the hyperlink will turn blue). You can also skip the date picker by typing "@" then "remind" plus the date/time to automatically enable a reminder 👌


If you create an inline date with no specific time, you can add a reminder that'll send a notification at 9:00 am on the day of the event (or the day before, etc.).


Date Property Reminders

If you're working in a database, you can add also reminders to specific events/rows/cards by using the "Date" property – setting up the reminder notification works the same way as inline date reminders.


Here's how notifications work for reminders

The notification will first appear as the red badge in "All Updates" (and a desktop push notification if you have them enabled + you're working in the desktop app and have a Notion window open) ten seconds after the reminder occurs.

If you click on the badge and read the notification in "All Updates" within five minutes, the notification will be marked as read and you won't receive any more notifications. If you don't read it after five minutes, Notion will try to send you a mobile push notification if you have them enabled, or a notification via email.

If you are not working in Notion at all when reminder fires, a mobile push notification or email will automatically be sent to you after ten seconds.