Living connected to oneself, others, Nature and beyond

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🍀 Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of Nature and spiritual traditions to regenerate our lifestyles

In the awareness of the deep desire for change that is emerging in the face of the breakdown of natural and human ecosystems, and in unison with multiple initiatives blossoming today, how can we embody lifestyles that are more connected and favorable to sustain life on Earth? How can human beings find their right place in the great web of Life, in the respect of past and future generations? How can we support our personal and societal shifts towards lifestyles that are more harmonious with Nature, and reconcile the activist and the contemplative, matter and spirit, ecology and inner life?

Connecting ourselves to the wisdom of Nature and spiritual traditions can pave the way for the regeneration of our lifestyles and our societies. A community of interest and sharing is currently being weaved around Reliving (for Related living, which is the translation for the French “Vivre reliés”), with places, communities and players that are exploring answers to these millenary questions. This ecosystem is aiming at offering perspectives, resources and tools on arts of living in which ego- and anthropo-centrism open to a (re)connection and a spirit of service to Life.

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See and experience new ways to live together and regenerate our lifestyles

🗺️ 300 inspiring places

A map of 300 connected (eco)places to get inspired, reconnect to Nature, oneself and beyond.

📰 Nature Spirit webzine

Resources, testimonials, portraits and agenda of inspiring places and initiatives.

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Round-tables, conferences, programs… with diverse players, places and networks

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Building a Reliving project, facilitation, Work That Reconnects, nature immersions…

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References to inspiring contents, practices, books, videos…