Gradient Relics

A Gradient Relic can be applied on any item to give it a gradient name. The gradient colours on the relic represent how your item will look once the relic has been applied. Simply open your inventory, and drag & drop the relic onto the item of your liking. You'll need to press confirmed in order for the gradient to be applied.

Statistic Relics

Place a statistic relic on any tool to track certain statistics in the lore of the item. This allows you to know how many blocks you've mined, how many mobs you've killed and much more!

Rename Relics

With a rename relic, you can name armor or a tool with colours, bold text, etc. In order to use a rename relic: open your inventory, drag and drop the relic onto the armor/tool you wish to rename. If you wish to combine a colour code with a formatting code, remember that the colour code needs to go first. Below are some examples:

<aside> ✅ &9&oText → Text


<aside> ✅ &c&nText → Text


<aside> ✅ &lText → Text