28 September, 2021 - Display sales pricing!

New features

We got you a new BFF, a.k.a. Black Friday Feature!

It's now possible to show the sales price of your products in your Aiden app(s):

Price & Sale price in advice magnifier.png

If you enable the sale_price field in your Google Shopping feed, the sales price will automatically be shown next to the regular price of your product. This way, customers will know how much you're charging for your product during a promotion.

Want to show the sale price only during a specific time period? Then add the sale_price_effective_date attribute to your feed.

For more on this, check out the tutorial: Set up your Google Shopping feed.


21 September, 2021 - List view in Home

New features

List view in Home

For Aiden users with more than 6 guided selling apps, the tiled Home view could become a bit overwhelming. That's why we've added a new list view.

Screenshot 2021-09-21 at 13.02.47.png


Use filters in Catalogue

You could already use filters in Matching, but now you can also them to search through all your products in Catalogue. This is especially helpful if you're working with a large data set and want to deactivate certain subsets of products before you start matching.

To use this, simply go to Catalogue, click 'Apply filter' and select the property from your data set that you'd like to use as a filter.

02 September, 2021 - 'No preference' answers

New features

No preference answers

Sometimes a customer just can't choose. That's why it's now possible to add a 'no preference' answer to your list of answers. Customers can pick this answer if the provided answers do not apply to them. Doing so will automatically deselect all other answers.

The 'no preference' answer is automatically scored as a neutral match for all products. In that sense, it’s exactly like skipping a question.

You'll find this feature in Conversation, for any question that has more than 1 answer.

no preference.gif